Mateusz Napieralski: After Uni

A year ago we interviewed the talented Mateusz whilst visiting Ravensbourne and now we are interviewing him again to see what he is up to!

Give us a quick explanation of what you are up to now...

After finishing my degree at Ravensbourne, I jumped straight into interning at First Image. I’m helping out with various projects in the studio and really enjoying myself while here.

Last year when we spoke to you, you talked about how you wanted to expand your skills in your third year. Do you feel you were able to do this?

The final year of my degree was definitely self initiated projects driven. I was writing my own briefs, experimenting with various materials such as wood, I focused more on my technical skills and tried to utilise them while working on my projects. I also feel that the final year of uni gave me a lot of confidence and I sort of knew my ground a bit more, which allowed me to push more what I’m interested in and see technology and software as a helping tool rather than a boundary. All that definitely contributed to my skillset which grows with every project I work on.

And how do you think this will continue in life after uni?

Right now I’m really enjoying working in the studio, I’m learning A LOT every day from other people here, which is fantastic. I’m sure I will always be pursuing my self initiated projects where I will get to be more experimental and try new techniques and tools. It’s all very exciting!

In the couple of weeks you have been interning, do you feel you were sufficiently prepared for the industry?

Yes, I feel like all the industry focused briefs we were given at uni allowed me to think about every project as it was a live brief, and now, when actually working on these live projects, I’m feeling comfortable and I know what the client is expecting.


Ravensbourne is a very open learning environment, encouraging people to talk, share and learn from each other. Is this something which stops in a studio environment?

Definitely not, being part of a small team encourages this interaction between you and other people in the studio, I’m very curious about what other people are up to and I’m always having a cheeky look around to see what’s on everyone’s screen. It’s a great place to share inspirational design and learn from each other.

What are the main differences you have found going from uni to a small design studio?

Em....I think one of the main differences is the structured day and set hours of working here, whereas while I was at uni I could work any time I wanted and it was up to my how my day was structured, and now I get set hours to let my creativity out, which is quite interesting actually. And I’m really enjoying having a little bit of structure in my life right now, after mad 3 years of uni ;) I’m really enjoying the coffee machine here at First Image, at uni we never had these luxuries.. We also have a fish here, which is new to me.

What are your future plans?

At the moment I’m really enjoying myself working at First Image, It’s crazy how much I’m learning every day and I want to carry on doing this for now. I will be interested to see how this commercial world affects my personal work and vice versa. My main focuses for now are to get better at the technical side of things, I’d love to touch on some 3D and see how I can incorporate that into my hand made, illustrative world.

Thanks to Mateusz for talking to us about his experience and we wish him the best of luck.

Posted: Tue 2nd Jul 2013

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