WAITING - New York at night in 3,454 oil paintings - THE SEA THE SEA

Zachary Johnson hand painted and directed this piece for the Debut album from . Using 3,454 paintings. oil on paper, Zachary has produced a beautiful stop motion animation.

'Zachary Johnson is an artist who works for The Made Shop.

He likes long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners.

He moved to New York when he was eighteen to become a failed actor. After succeeding in this venture, he started wandering around the lonely city and drawing it. He moved around for a few years, living in Chicago, Boston, and finally Denver, and he kept wandering around all of these lonely cities and drawing them. His deconstructionist work explores very deep socio-political themes, such as: “They’re, um, paintings of cities at night.”'

By: Lisa
Posted: Wed 3rd Dec 2014

Tags: Motion, animation, art, music, New York, night, oil, Painting, sea, Stop motion


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