Top 10 Creative Stop Motion Animation

1. Gulp. The world's largest stop-motion animation set

2. Fresh Guacamole by PES

3. Honda 'Inner Beauty'

4. Tom & Nicos - Tharsis Sleeps music video

5. Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer

6. Joseph Mann - Sandy

7. A short history of the GIF

8. Chris Butcher - Inspiration from Emptiness

9. Levi's Waterless

10. Andy Kennedy - Accumulonimbus

1. Aardman created Gulp, the world's largest stop-motion set, a film under two minutes for Nokia, with Wieden + Kennedy responsible for the campaign. 'The film was shot on a Nokia N8, which was suspended over a beach. Sand sculptures were used in the production.'. It's not until you watch the making of video that you see the extent of what went into this piece.

2. Fresh Guacamole is an animation from PESfilm which took four months in the making. They have added humour to everyday tasks and objects by using stop frame to switch between different pieces. You can see more information here.

3.Honda's Inner Beauty from  campaign for the new Civic Tourer celebrates the idea that beauty is about more than what's on the surface. In this longer version they show the inner beauty of even more objects. Check out the making of here.

4.  has created this great piece using intricate stitching. Dubbed as the first frame-by-frame stitched music video, Tharsis Sleeps follows his band as they journey to Mars on a mission to drop a nuclear bomb into a volcano, thereby making it habitable for human life.

5.In 1986, this video from Aardan went to pick up plenty of awards after collaborating with director Stephen Johnson and the Brothers Quay with rhythm energy, style and visual flair.

6.  created short film Sandy, another great stop motion piece. The fictional piece was created with lots of great detail which can be seen in the making of.

7. A short history of a GIF from  was directed by Sean Pecknold and is an interesting choice to show the history using stop motion. 

8. Stop-motion passionate designer  created this great stop motion for Red Bull. 'Inspiration begins when the can is empty. A ring pull comes to life and shows that something can be created from nothing...'

9.  teamed with Myoo and created this interesting stop frame animation for Levi. Check out their Making Of for a behind the scenes peek at the process.  

10.   Created this video by using stop motion animating clay on glass, the film is a meditation on motion and the life cycle of matter. The in depth making of includes some test animations and more information behind the moulds needed as well as how it was all put together.

Posted: Mon 30th Mar 2015

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