Top 10 Charity Animations

Lots of companies can create explainer videos, but Charity Videos need special care and treatment to allow the message to come across effectively to the audience. In the past many people have opted for shocking imagery to make people aware of problems that these charitys are set up to help. But over the years, I feel we have become numb to these and agencies are starting to realise this, creating evocative animations instead. They seem to capture the audience and can tell compelling stories without alienating the audience.

Here are some which we feel are good examples of this.

1.Childline: First Step by Buck

2.Sarah's Story by Moth

3.Cystic Fibrosis Trust by Sebas & Clim

4.Spectrum by Art & Graft

5.Charity Pal Explainer Video by Anu

6.Charity by Cyril Izarn

7.Respect UK (Charity) by Rod Jorge

8.Solar Aid - A Solar Solution by Nice and Serious

9.Unitaid by Ben Hill

10.Suspended Coffee from Mummu

1. Talented animators  have handled the delicate subject of child abuse in a sensitive way, creating an animation which is captivating. They have managed to tell the story through simple typography and clever movements resulting in an approachable video designed not to intimidate its young target audience.

 2.Sarah's Story by  takes us on a journey telling her story in a thoughtful powerful way however the visuals are strong enough without the voiceover. A lovely style with great oberved detailed thoughout the animation.

 3.Cystic Fibrosis Trust by  is an animation which uses analogies and clever transitions to portray the messages behind the different sufferers. Using a limited colour pallette creates bold lines and visuals. 

4.Spectrum by  is told through the eyes of a service user. The story follows the history of Spectrum, explains their progressive approach to caring for autism and outlines the charity’s ambitions for the future. The smooth C4D animation and great script combine to tell the story clearly.

 5.Charity Pal Explainer Video by  has created a story which is perhaps told in the more traditional way, but uses nice graphics and transitions to help keep the audience engaged.

6.Charity by  is a short but sweet animation for a more modern car donation charity. The use of a young voiceover keeps the mood upbeat and focuses on how you can help rather than the charity outcomes itself. 

 7.Respect UK (Charity) by  created this animation for the delicate subject of domestic abuse. 'With such a delicate subject to tackle, we chose a subtle and emotive approach — a narrative involving two birds and a tree as metaphors for how the household is affected by domestic violence. The peace, the disturbance, the abandonment and, finally, the regrowth with the helping hand of Respect. As a medium, paper seemed to be the most appropriate to convey our story and imagery, thus emphasising the the fragility of this whole scenario.' 

 8.Solar Aid - A Solar Solution by  is a short and snappy animation for Solar Aid. Clever transitions an brief story help keep the audience captured into the story.

9.Unitaid by  uses a difference approach with a more of a conversational piece about someone telling their charity story. The dialogue is supported by clever transitioning graphics and distinctive texturised style.

10.Suspended Coffee from  is a short viral to help spread the word of the goodwill initiative Suspended Coffee. Clear and smooth graphics help make this piece stand out.


Posted: Mon 16th Mar 2015

Tags: Motion, animation, cause, character, charity, good, People


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