Synapse is a product development company in Seattle, WA. What does "product development" mean? Nice animation from

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Before they were World Famous, Alan Nay and Tony Fulgham were video editors. Okay, they still are. But, ever since one night in 2005, they’ve also been World Famous. That night in a Seattle pub, owing, as surely as all great ideas, to the happy confluence of a pitcher of beer and then another pitcher of beer, they became, first by verbal agreement and then by proper and legal trademark registration (plus also renown), World Famous.

Alan and Tony both have a passion for the creative process, a commitment to excellence, and, let’s be honest, mad skills. Their partnership makes sense. Ohio University alumni Alan Nay previously worked as an editor at Digital Kitchen and as an editor at (the somewhat suggestively named) Filmcore before venturing into the terrifying world of freelance work. Two-fisted Tony Fulgham, who moonlights as a rock star, worked as an editor and director at Yu + Co, Imaginary Forces, and Digital Kitchen, then ultimately set out on his own with just a guitar and an Avid machine. Tony and Alan worked together on various projects for years before making a solemn pact to join forces. “Our solemn pact was less uptight than the term ‘solemn pact’ implies,” Alan insists. “I don’t know why people go for solemnity in their pacts all the time. Pacts can be fun, too.”

As partners, Alan and Tony have what amounts to (when you round up, carry the one, use conceptual math, etc.) a combined total of 750 years of editing and production experience. They’ve gathered a team of highly-skilled professionals (like the A-Team, but without the van) and have built a versatile, risk-taking studio offering a full range of high design, creative services and production. They excel not only at editing, but each step of the creative process, from ideation to completion. (Ideation – that’s a fantastic word, isn’t it? It means “making cool shit up,” which is exactly what the people at World Famous do all day.) World Famous can and will conceive, shoot, design, animate, even compose music as necessary.

For the last five years, Alan and Tony have created a ton of clever, engaging content such as the admittedly somewhat gross but highly effective “No Stank You” campaign for the Department of Health, a 25-minute interview and fashion documentary with Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz for Nordstrom B.P., and a hilarious ad for Pemco Insurance involving goats. Man, goats are funny.
But that’s not all! U.S. Air was so impressed with the elegant spec ad that World Famous whipped up that they bought it and used it in their 2007 marketing campaign. The studio has also produced content for Nordstrom, Eddie Bauer, Alaska Airlines, Bank of America,, Quizno’s, and even the occasional music video.

World Famous has also created tons of video content for Microsoft, including a gripping Fable 2 trailer featuring a cute lil’ bird for the 2008 E3 Expo, ads for the New X-Box Experience and the launch of Microsoft Vista, and much more. Most notably they created a video showcasing Microsoft’s Project Natal that was kind of a big deal. The Natal video was picked up by all the major news outlets and was seen all over the world (including The Colbert Report)—the YouTube video has well over 22 million views, and counting.

To recap: A) Alan and Tony make videos; together they are World Famous. 2) World Famous transcends the traditional role of the editorial studio and delivers pure awesomeness, from concept to final delivery, on demand.

Posted: Thu 28th Mar 2013

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