Smash Hits Rebrand

Marco Ammannati submitted this rebrand for 'Smash Hits' music channel that he and Nicholas Bentley directed. CGI work was undertaken by Analog Studio, and sound design by Zelig Sound. I think it all comes together beautifully, making a great end result. I'll let him explain in his own words.


Since September 2012 until January 2013 I have been working on the Rebrand of Channel4/Box Tv’s Smashhits Channel along side Nicholas Bentley with whom I directed the project.

Box Tv commissioned the work and we had the pleasure to work with CGI extraordinaires Analog Studios who beautifully crafted the Idents under our direction.
Zelig added their magic through really imaginative Sound Design work.
The project also comprises the entire On Screen Presentation as well as a new Logo and identity which I designed and animated.

The Idents feature a fast paced, volatile world revealing the brand new logo by using it as an invisible container in which the impact of a first matter triggers a chain reaction and metamorphosis into a second matter. While the first material is recognisably large in scale and representative of a physical natural realm (fireball, ocean wave, iceberg), the material that it mutates into hints more at a playful smaller man made texture, closer to home (nail varnish, foil balloon, jelly) which despite being mundane is presented in a beautiful and attractive macro world.

A fireball flys through before smacking down into the invisible boundary of a logo letter and in turn morphing its state to a gloopy and glossy nail varnish; A foamy bubbling and pounding set of waves swell and gush and swirl off and from within the water some foil baloons inflate and expand to fill the logo letters; Icy Slabs burst up, juddering, shaking and crumbling they collide like an iceberg calving, and as they crush up against the boundaries of the logo letters they burst to reveal a red jelly mass that is compacting and wobbling to define the logo.

Smash Hits Rebrand

Smash Hits Rebrand

Smash Hits Rebrand

Smash Hits Rebrand

Smash Hits Rebrand

Also, be sure to check out the great sound design breakdown by Zelig


We briefed Zelig to be using a very experimental approach to creating sound-scape.
We wanted to avoid direct sound associations in describing the action of the materials and states (water, ice…).

Zelig used a mix of Studio / Field Recordings, Real time gesture based manipulation and processing of recordings; custom patches, programmes, synthesis and workflows.

By: Jonny
Posted: Wed 6th Mar 2013

Tags: Motion, Analog, Box TV, Channel 4, Idents, Music Channel, Rebrand, Smash Hits, TV, Zelig


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