Motion Graphics Trend: Liquid Motion

 have created a compliation of some great examples of the motion graphics trend 'liquid graphics'.

In motion graphics you can always spot trends (call it copycats or being inspired, whatever you prefer). After the popular geometric & circle animations, since a year there are more and more animations turning up in which organic shapes transform in a liquid way.

Shapes are smeared and splash back together, often at the moment of a peak in the action, moving in slight slow motion, with twists and bends. It kind of resembles the flowerpower / psychedelic shapes known from the 60’s.

One of the earlier motion graphics with this appearance, were some of the videos of the advertising agencies CRCR and Buck (2 years ago). I also found one example that appeared already in 2008 in the video Orgesticulanismus by Mathieu Labaye. And you can find this same kind of movement in earlier anime movies.

Abstract drops and smears, swirling typography, and even characters whose limbs are being stretched and swirled – yes, maybe it’s a countermovement against the downward trend of geometrical squares, triangles and circle-transitions.

Videos in the compilation:
Orgesticulanismus – Mathieu Labaye, Camera etc
Todor & Petru – CRCR
Deezer – CRCR
Good Books: Metamorphosis – Buck
Nike: World Basketball Festival – Buck
2d experiments – Mattias Peresini
2D FX Reel – Sébastien Iglesias
704 frames – Josep Bernaus
ALPHA TV – Tony Zagoraios
Brotherhood Of The Wooden Toy – Lucas Redfern Brooking
TEDx Taipei 2013 Flip – Bito
Cartoon network – CRCR
Flavor Logo Animation – Flavor
Indio – TernuraFilms
Morphing – Daniel Isedal
Mtv World Design Studio Milan: Infectious – Buck
RDIO: Gauntlet hair – Golden Wolf
RDIO Michael Franti – Tendril
Tiki Tiki: Poncho – Plenty
Roller skating Trailer – Rafael de Araújo
Tip Top Back to Nature – Sean Dekkers
Sol Musica – LUMBRE

By: Lisa
Posted: Mon 3rd Nov 2014

Tags: Motion, animation, compilation, frame by frame, liquid, motion graphics, trend


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