Libra 'I Am Fearless' TVC ft. Megan Washington

  created this lovely fluid animation for a TV commercial. 

'Fear — especially that palpable fear that hits you like an icy backhand to the face — is a brilliant motivator. Fear of deadlines, fear of embarrassment, fear of failure, FOMO — all kinds of fear push all kinds of people to do all kinds of things. Tapping into this, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne came up with a brand campaign for their client Libra that encourages women to wrangle their fears and feel empowered. ‘I Am Fearless’ is a television spot with illustration by Andrew Archer of UNAand animation by Flutter.

Revolving around the new Libra ambassador, singer/songwriter Megan Washington, the clip uses Andrew’s abstract and painterly style to take us through her experiences with anxiety. Artfully sweeping across the screen, the animated brushstrokes exemplify Megan’s intense emotions, travelling gracefully through moments of shame and distress before a crescendo into pride and triumph.

To create the marvellous piece you see here before you, our Director Dom took the script and built an artistic vision. Andrew, the next member in the Flutter relay team, then transformed Dom’s ideas into layer upon layer upon layer of flowing frames, ready for the team to put into motion. With the green light on our sketchomatic (a roughly cut animation that shows the initial movement and form of the work) we created a combination of 2D and 3D sequences — from the meticulous hand drawing of lines frame by frame, to creating a vinyl record in 3D form. Working from live references of Flutter staff walking, standing and shaking hands, the final animation sits in that stunning space between realistic and surreal.'

By: Lisa
Posted: Thu 3rd Sep 2015

Tags: Motion, animation, cel, Line, People, Photoshop, stutter


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