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 have created this animation for Ketel One. 'Ketel One Vodka’s original copper pot still, “Distilleerketel No. 1,” is the Dutch distillery’s namesake but it’s also the heart and soul of a family-run business that’s been in continuous operation for over three centuries. So when Diageo approached The Juggernaut about producing a standout spot for their top-selling vodka, we knew right away that Distilleerketel No. 1 would be key to bringing the brand’s story to life.

Much of that story is right there on the bottle: family owned and operated for over ten generations, Ketel One vodka is crafted from small batches in the picturesque city of Schiedam, Holland. We wanted to showcase Ketel One’s historic roots but also emphasize its modern approach to its craft (the distillery was founded in 1691 but didn’t start making vodka until 1983) something we did narratively but also stylistically, by combining letterpress, classic and 3D animation.

Extensive R&D was done prior to production, including referencing archival photos and maps of Schiedam. Google Earth was used to map out planned aerial footage of the distillery and surrounding area that would later be shot on site using a drone. Several days were spent in the distillery itself photographing details and artifacts and studying the distilling process.

Back in Toronto, authentic texture and details were produced by mixing old and modern techniques: animation cells were hand-inked, digitized, laser engraved onto wood blocks and printed using an antique letterpress (via Nicholas Kennedy of Trip Print Press, Toronto).

The final result is a breathtaking animated journey, set to an original score (by Roger Leavens of BoomBoxToronto), that reflects the brand’s uniqueness while revealing the rich, passionate history behind this world-class vodka.'

'The Juggernaut is a leading Toronto-based post-production, design and animation studio. With a roster of award-winning editors, designer/directors, animators and effects artists, The Juggernaut creates and develops creative work for advertising, broadcast, film, and interactive projects.'

By: Lisa
Posted: Mon 1st Dec 2014

Tags: Motion, 3D, animation, drawn


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