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The digital production house, was commissioned by the agency Bleublancrouge to direct and produce“Alice”, a tribute to Quebec's cultural diversity, signed, Loto-Quebec.


With a slogan like "A World of Events," the expectation was a concept that pulled out all the stops! With that in mind, the creative team at Bleublancrouge spoiled the artists at Frame by giving them the opportunity to create a 60 second 3D animation, where the viewer is taken through eight diverse lands, populated with unique characters, all in a world where everything is made of paper. A real treat for the eyes that Frame created with passion and close attention to detail. They are very proud to have been a part of the adventure with the team at Bleublancrouge, who trusted them to bring to life their ideas and create something that really stands out.


“Alice, made by Loto-Quebec, is a tribute to Quebec's cultural diversity. Celebrating the wealth of sponsored events, we wanted to create a unique graphic universe ... and an unexpected soundtrack. We chose silence to prolong the pleasure to the eyes and ensure a strong break in a overloaded tv world. Alice is a simple and humble film, but one that required the techniques, patience and extraordinary talent from our partners Frame Studio, Sonart and Apollo. I am proud that such a large institution was expressed with so much creativity." Said Gaëtan Namouric, creative director at Bleublancrouge


Several techniques were used to arrive at a happy marriage of smooth animations and those with a stop motion flavor. The 3D models used in the layouts and characters were developed based off of concepts drawings, then traditional animation references were created to guide the 3D modelers and animators to create multiple assets of these models, with slight variations, that when used in sequence provided a stop motion animation look. And for all the animation effects (water, fire, etc..) Frame developed a technique that, again, combined traditional animation and 3D but with the result of creating an illusion that the animated effects were cut out of paper and put into the three dimensional world.


"Our technique to create a stop motion feel in 3D gave us full control over the animations and real life lighting set ups that we would never have been able to achieve otherwise." Says Karl Rhainds, president and creative director at Frame Studio.


The project brought many really interesting challenges to the effects supervisor at Frame Studio, François Beaudry. One of them was choosing a rendering engine that would achieve the desired high quality renders within a reasonable time frame. Always on the lookout for new technologies, Frame was fortunate to discover a brand new render engine currently in development, called Redshift. This revolutionary new tool, with it's innovative way of calculating and processing data, reduced render times to a fifth of the time that other industry standard renders could achieve, all the while maintaining exceedingly high quality final renders. The team at Redshift was exceptional in their support and help in Frames effort to get the most of it's lighting and textures of each environment.


"The render engine that we used gave us an enormous amount of flexibility in the creation process. It was very easy for me to work with the team of 3D lighting artists to develop rich and varied aesthetic for each little universe we traveled through. In 30 seconds, the artists were able to show me a high quality, final render of any changes or updates we required. Moreover, because the renders were so quick, we were able to push micro details until the very the end of the project without fear of running out of render time." Says Karl Rhainds.


By: Lisa
Posted: Wed 19th Jun 2013

Tags: Motion, 3D, animation, character, model, scene


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