Ilenoliukgo are a small creative design studio producing amazing work from handmade web videos, to infographics and launching pages. We had the chance to ask them a few questions about their work and inspirations. Here is what they had to say.

Firstly...what an odd name. How did you come up with it?
Yeah, we know.
We’re used to start our slides with “ILE...what?”
It’s a way to have a laugh and don’t take us too seriously. Our brand, like many in the advertising business, comes out of our personal names. It came up at university and then we stuck to it.
Sometimes names choose you, not the opposite.

How did ILENOLIUKGO form?

We started working during our last years of Cinema and Media Engineering three years ago, but we knew each other since several years: we are a couple, and we work together… yeah, someone think it’s hard - and it probably is :) - but if you think about it, it’s also a great advantage.

Then we grew into a studio and now we’re a family of 6 people (7 in a short while): besides Luca and Ile, there’s Meo, Carla, Cristina and Oscar.

You are a small team of designers, how does this work. Do you all work on the same project or take individual pieces?

Usually we work in small teams of 2-3 people, a designer and an animator in principle, but sometimes we follow some projects individually as well. There’s no iron rule. Of course, as studio founders, we’re a bit involved in all projects.
We really hate the approach copy & art. It’s from 60 years ago, there were no computers back then (or they were the size of a room). The teams are mostly fluid, in the sense that they’re formed for each project. We only hire multidisciplinary people, it’s a really important value for us. For example it’s so important, for who’s in contact with the client, to have creative decision-making skills, and the contrary of course.

Take us through your design process from brief to delivery.

For videos (around 1 minute, let’s say) the process is made of brief, than around 2 weeks of ideation (scripting, storyboarding, art direction) and another 2 for production (illustration, animation and sound design). That’s the ideal timeframe. Then all bad things happen :) 

On your website, you seem to have quite a structured way of working. Does this help with clients understanding the process?

It definitely helps. We follow a pretty large number of projects simultaneously… and video making has a lot of phases, so it’s crucial to follow a structured way of working. Ilenia did production engineering studies (what?! I know…) so I guess the mindset comes out of it. 

The main bulk of your work is flat 2D vector animation, do you consider this your speciality, or do you enjoy trying out other areas as well?

Yes, we do… we really love flat 2d animation! It’s in our DNA. Beside it, talking of videos, we love to build papercraft & doing stop motion work, we also do some indoor shooting and some C4D experiment. We design mobile applications as well.

Where do you pick up inspiration for your work?

Vimeo, travels, everywhere around. We just went on a company trip to the OFFF festival for a few days of inspiration break. Most importantly, we always try to figure out the best ways to share the inspirations within the whole team. It becomes really important when you become 6.
We now have a private facebook group on which we automatically share our watch laters from vimeo (via IFTTT). It works great at the moment, you go check it when you want to disconnect a bit, and so it’s the best mindset for inspiration.

Who do you admire in the animation world?

A lot of people, between our favourites there’s Markus Magnusson and Robin Davey.

Do you think there is a current trend in the animation?

GIFS are becoming more and more popular… we’re even pushing out UI designers from Dribbble to make us space! :)
Also small three dimensional transitions into flat 2d work. It’s probably because of the C4D integration.

What has been your favourite job to work on and why?
We recently did this work (see below) for a very ambitious project: building educational tablets (and an app store, and many apps) for kids in schools. It was our first Saudi Arabian client and he’s feedback emails were like: “You’re killing me with all this good designs”. We had a lot of creative freedom and our vision was exactly what the client was looking for. Pure magic.

What would be your dream brief?

If there’s a brief, there’s no dream… just joking :) 

Everything that makes us feel excited and willing to start working on a saturday night. 

What do you guys do to relax after a busy period?

We play with our dog. He recently gently bite a client - he probably had his reasons :)- and ruined a couple of shoes, but he’s a really super cute puppy.

What are 3 essential things you need to have in your studio?

A blackboard wall, sharpeners and Toblerone chocolates.

What does your office look like.

Thanks to Ilenoliukgo for talking to us about their work. It is great to see where people get their inspiration from and you can really see it coming through their work in their pieces. To find out more about what they do and their work, visit their website here.

Posted: Tue 27th May 2014

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